Focus on language

1. Talk to your partner. Express your opinion of each job by choosing information from columns A, B, and C.

Being a ski instructor fantastic
Working as hotel staff seems to be prestigious
Working in the resort industry a good start
Working with or/and entertaining children is definitely very challenging quite manageable
Being on a participant program in Hawaii must be motivating monotonous
Making behavioral observations of marine animals sounds nerve-racking demanding
Teaching photography/surfing/rock climbing to children could be pretty difficult really rewarding
Participating in the Environmental Campaign would be boring

2. Following the models below discuss what kind of people would be best suited for a particular job. Use the words and phrases from the box.


a) To bearesearch assistantat the Dolphin Institute you should haveenergy and patience.

b) Beinga research assistant at the Dolphin Institute you have to be energetic and patient.

· active · well-organised · enthusiastic about new tasks
· sensitive · creative · helpful · responsible · unemotional · friendly · hard-working · self-confident · good at analysing situations/working with other people/kids · concerned with detail
· careful · calm · customer oriented · an outgoing personality · able to work without supervision


1. You want one of the jobs advertised above. Make notes of the things you want to know about this job. Write your questions here:

· ___________________________________________________________?

· ___________________________________________________________?

· ___________________________________________________________?

2. Telephone the office for information. In pairs take turns at being the student and the Personnel Officer. Ask about the job using the questions from task 1. Arrange to meet for the interview. Make use of the diagram and the phrases from the box.

Functional language: On the phone
You Office staff
Hello. Could I speak to Frank Dawson? I’m calling about … I saw your advertisement in … Can you give me the address, please? Could you give me a few more details about the job? I’ll be there. Speaking (= I am …) Who's calling, please?… can I help you? Can I have your name, please? Are you still interested? Can you come in for an interview …. (day, date, time)? Are there any questions you would like to ask about the job? We will contact you next week.

Phone the contact number
Answer the phone
Introduce yourself and say why you are calling
Find out applicant’s full name, age and other personal information/details
Give all necessary information
Find out why the applicant would like to do this job
Explain why you are interested in the job
Suggest an applicant to come for an interview
Suggest the day and the time
Agree. Confirm details Say “thank you” and end the call End the call


Write a letter to a friend about the summer job you’re going to do or a part time job you are doing. The questions below may be of help.

· How did you find the job?

· How did you apply?

· What are your duties and responsibilities?

· Which of your personal qualities help you to do the job?

· Do you need any special skills and qualifications for the job?

· What do you like most about the job? Are there any problems with it?

In the Realm of Jobs

Many advertisers use abbreviations in their classified advertisements in newspapers for one purpose - to save money. The less space they use, the cheaper the advertisement will be. The following list of abbreviations can be found in the Positions Vacant columns of most newspapers. Remember what they mean.

1) p.t. posn - part-time position
2) f. time - flexible time/hours
3) pd. wkly - paid weekly
4) cap. person reqd - capable person required
5) sal. neg - salary negotiable
6) approx 20hrs p.w - approximately 20 hours per week
7) stdnt - student
8) prom. oppty - promotion opportunity
9) trng. incl - training included
10) techncl. exp. nec - technical experience necessary
11) intvw - interview
12) temp. reqd - temporary required
13) exper. essent - experience is essential
14) char. refs. nec. - characteristics references necessary
15) excel. conds - excellent conditions
16) ph. for appt - telephone for appointment
17) Pers. dept - Personnel department
18) bus. hrs., B/H - during business hours

Unit 1. Progress Monitoring In this Unit you have worked on the vocabulary related to the topic “Job and career options”:
· to earn/save money · excellent source of money
· to work long or flexible hours/shifts · to have experience/previous training
· to apply for a job · to have good communication skills
· to be prepared to meet deadlines/take orders from others · to gain work experience or develop knowledge/creativity/skills
· a challenging/demanding/prestigious/ nerve-racking/monotonous/ rewarding/motivating · to be well-organized/self-confident/careful/hard-working/active/creative/responsible
· to require special training/ skills/ qualifications/personal qualities · wage/salary/tips/bonuses/perks/ sick pay
· a ‘cheesy’ part of a job · job responsibilities/duties

Tick (V) the points you are confident about and cross (X) the ones you need to revise.